Sentando Anastasia – Fate Grand Order

“Ya know how much I love Holden, and I wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt him,” she continued, “but I gotta tell ya, Sal, that for the past three weeks I've been having an affair!” Sally sat stunned, hardly able to speak, because Miranda was the last person on earth that she thought would stray! Finally collecting her thoughts, Sally replied, “Who, why, do I know him?!?” Miranda shook her head and answered, “No, you don't know him, and as for the why, well, how should I say this, well Holden is, uh, well, Holden isn't what you'd call good in the sack!!!” “Really,” Sally asked in a surprised voice?!? “No, he isn't,” retorted Miranda, “in fact I have trouble getting excited at all when we “do it”!” “Is it his technique,” asked Sally, “or what?” “He tries hard,” Miranda went on, “but he just doesn't have it where it counts, if you know what I mean?!?” “Oh, that,” Sally nodded knowingl?y, “so he's not exactly John Holmes I take it?” “Hardly, Sal, he's barely Tiny Holmes!!!” “You gonna dump him,” asked Sally? “I don't want to dump him,” Miranda answered quickly, “I really love him, it's just that once in a while I want to hear the trumpets blaring and the rockets going off when I have sex, is that so wrong of me!?!” Sally reached over and covered her friend's hand and squeezed it softly and replied, “No, Randi, there's nothing wrong with that at all!”

Their drinks arrived and then Sally started asking all sorts of questions, starting with, who was he? “Miranda took a sip of scotch and replied, “You're not gonna believe this, but he's the kid that takes care of the lawn and landscaping at our house!!!” “You mean that gorgeous young guy I saw a couple of weeks ago,” asked an incredulous Sally?!? “That's him,” Miranda replied, “and he has all, how shall I say this, attributes a woman could want in a bed partner!!!” “Oh my,” replied Sally, “tell me more, tell me more!!!” Miranda chuckled and went on, “Well, he's got a perfect body, with not and ounce of fat, and he's hung, Sal, oh god is he hung, he must be at least nine inches long and very thick!!!” “Wow,” and impressed Sally intoned softly, “I've never even seen one that big, tell me, how does it feel inside you!?! “Unbelievable, Sal, just unbelievable, the first time he stuck it in me I had orgasm after orgasm while he slowly impaled me with it,” she said dreamily, “by the time he got it all the way in, I never have felt so full and feminine in my life!!!” “There is just something about having a huge penis in you that makes you feel like a submissive pussy,” she continued on, “and I have to admit that if he calls, I'll drop what ever I'm doing and go to him, just for the chance to see and feel his massive organ!!!”

“Is he really that good,” asked Sally? “Sal,” Miranda answered, “it's incredible, the first time we made love I felt like a real woman for the first time in my life!” “With? Holden,” she continued on, “I always felt like I was the dominant, but with Dean, that's his name, I almost feel like a little girl around him!” Sally leaned forward and looked around, as if to see if the coast was clear and whispered, “Do you take him in your mouth?!?” Miranda, with a dreamy look on her face replied, “Mmmmmm, yes, and is he ever sweet, when he shoots I can't even keep all of his cum in my mouth, and the head, my god it's so big, almost like a tennis ball!!!” “God you've got me so wet,” Sally moaned, “I wish my Henry was exciting like that, when are you going to see him again?!?” “Next week, maybe,” replied Miranda, “I certainly hope so, because I need it so bad!” All at once Sally stood up and ordered Miranda to follow her to the ladies room. Being over twenty years her senior had never gotten in the way of their happiness, and in some ways it even enhanced their love life! The shear excitement of being with a younger woman was still a rush, and Holden never tired of seeing his bride of ten years removing her clothing, even if it was just to see her get into the bath tub!!! He still couldn't believe that such a beautiful creature had given him the time of day, but here she was, a woman who could have easily posed for Playboy magazine, in his bed and there for the taking!!! Not wishing to wake her up, he slid silen?tly into bed and in minutes joined her dreamland.

Hentai: [Aster Crowley] Anastasia (G)

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