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Master inhaled deeply, I could see Him clinching His teeth. I wasn’t asked if I was thirsty, I was told to drink.

Hentai: (C100) [Macchadokoro (Warashibe)] Paripixx (Chome Chome) (Paripi Koumei) [English] [Team Rabu2]

Paripixx 1Paripixx 2Paripixx 3Paripixx 4Paripixx 5Paripixx 6Paripixx 7Paripixx 8Paripixx 9Paripixx 10Paripixx 11Paripixx 12Paripixx 13Paripixx 14Paripixx 15Paripixx 16Paripixx 17Paripixx 18Paripixx 19Paripixx 20Paripixx 21Paripixx 22Paripixx 23Paripixx 24Paripixx 25Paripixx 26Paripixx 27

(C100) [抹茶処 (わらしべ)]パリピXX(ちょめちょめ) (パリピ孔明) [英訳]

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