(SC31) [NOPPIKIYA (Touda Rui)] SHEPHERDESS (Hayate No Gotoku!)


“oh no I'm going to stay her with Jim”

“you sure your covered in dried blood” 

“yeah I'm sure thanks guys”

“ok bye””bye”

As soon as my parents leave the room Julie turns towards me clearly exhausted of the eventful day she collapses down in the chair next to me and turns on the tv and changes the channel to a movie one it has dumb and dumber on just starting up I look over

“Julie thank you so much”
“what for babe”
“you stepped up when I needed you the most and you didn't panic”
“oh I panicked but after I got you here I was scared I broke down as soon as they rolled you away from me I couldn't handle your pain the pain you handled so well”

“well at least you got us here in one peice by the way where's my car”
“oh the valet took it I have your keys don't worry”

Looking at her she was a mess blood in her hair on her neck arms and I assume chest she did have on a patient cover up on with her bra underneath 

“cmon Julie”(standing up heading to the shower/bath room hand held out)
“ok why”
“I'm not having my girlfriend covered in my blood all night there's a shower in there We'll get you cleaned up and comfortable ok baby”
“ok”(sleepy voice and tired eyes)

Luckily I find a bag of our clothes outside the bathroom guess mom and dad already knew the answer about Julie staying at the hospital just asked just in case we step in I close the door
I slowly undress her I turn the water on and clean her up she gets dressed her self and tells me to go lay down I do so also I'm worn out to she steps out of the bathroom in one of my shirts and blue form fitting underwear looking like she's about to pass out she heads towards the chair

“Julie come here get in the bed with me there's more than enough room for you I don't want you to be uncomfortable”

“alright babe let me turn the light out”
She walks over to my right side I grab her by the hand and help her into the bed we face each other

“julie have I told you that your gorgeous blue eyes make me feel inferior but loved when you look at me”

“no but that was the most beautiful thing I ever herd”

“it's the truest thing I've ever said except I love you”

“i love you too”

We kiss we break apart we stare into each others eyes kissing and snuggling slowly we drift into blissful sleep. Step Fantasy We Review The Ass Erotic Pictures… “hey babe”(sleepy voice)
“hey Julie you sleep good”
“after last night I was exhausted”
“yeah so was I”
“but it always gets better”
“it does defiantly”
“what time is it”
“the doc come in yet”
“no not yet”
“ok whatcha watchin” ”
“the 24 hours of lemans”
“you and your cars”
“you know me 1st comes you then cars”
“awe that's so sweet”(mushy type voice)
“ok ok I get it but I do love you more then my car”
“hmmmph hahahaha love you to babe”

She walks over and sits on my lap her head next to mine we watch the race together

“I'm happy your fond of cars or else I'd be screwed hahaha”
“I'm ok with them”
“fine by me haha”

The doc walks in along with my parents

“hey guys”
“hey son”
“hey Jim seems like your doing well so we'll discharge you as soon as possible”
“ohhhhkay”(smiles on mine and Julies face)
“so let's get dressed babe”
“ok Julie”

We get dressed I get discharged they give my parents prescriptions for pain and to make sure I don't get an infection mom goes and gets her Beamer suv and julie gives dad the keys to my car he waits till mom arrives then walks over to the valet parking lot gets in the car and waits for us mom pulls away and were headed home 

10 minutes later.

Hentai: (SC31) [NOPPIKIYA (Touda Rui)] SHEPHERDESS (Hayate no Gotoku!)

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(サンクリ31) [のっぴき屋 (燈田累)] SHEPHERDESS (ハヤテのごとく!)

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