(Chou Ore No Turn 2023) [Nitorochahan (Yoneyama Yoshio)] It’s Already A Mess (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s)

” “Jay,” he shot back quickly, “I’m a senior at Central High, I’ll be graduating in another month!!!” “Well,” she said while pouring their drinks, “here’s to the future graduate!!!” “Thanks,” Jay replied as he took a long drink of the ice cold liquid, “mmmmm, this sure tastes good!!!” They drank for a minute or so in silence when all at once Jay began to feel a little light headed, he steadied himself on the counter, and after staring at his drink, he slowly slipped to the floor and passed out cold!!!

The next thing he remembered was waking up with a spitting headache and the sensation of having his arms and legs being stretched hard in spread eagle fashion!!! He shook his head from side to side trying to shake the cob webs from his brain, and when he finally was able to focus he was stunned to find that he was in a dark basement and locked in a device that kept him immobile and completely vulnerable!!!

“What the hell’s going on here,” he thought to himself while trying to see if he was alone, “that woman, she did this to me!!!” He strained to free his arms from their restraint, but it was hopeless, he was captured and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it!!! He was just about to yell for help when into the room came a naked man crawling on all fours with a collar around his neck being led with a leash by the woman who called herself Linda!!! “W-what are you going to do to me,” the eighteen year old asked fearfully while keeping his eyes on the poor guy sitting naked on the floor, “you can’t keep me here, I’ll call the police!?!” “Oh, no,” she replied mock fear, “I’m so scared, tell me Stevie, should I be afraid of this big tough guy!?!” “No, ma’am,” he replied with his head down!!! “Well, Jay,” she retorted, “Stevie here doesn’t seem to think I’m in much trouble, so now that I have you, what shall I do with you!?!” Jay nervously eyed the older woman, and it was then that he noticed that she was wearing a black leather bra, leather panties, stockings and garter belt, and of course black high healed shoes!!! Jay was contemplating her plans for him when she stunned him back to reality when she ordered Stevie, “Okay, maggot, off with his clothes and be quick about it!!!”

Stevie moved with easy agility as he used a sharp scissors to snip away every last stitch of the young man’s clothing, and much to his chagrin his cock began to thicken in front of the two strangers!!! “My, my,” Linda said softly, “will you just look at that, out guest has a nice big hardon, he must really like his accommodations, don’t you think so, maggot!?!” “Yes, Mistress,” he replied with his head down, “he must like them very much!!!” “So,” she pressed on, “what do you think we should do with it!?!” “I think sucking it would be the best thing,” he replied!!! “Hmmmmmm, that sounds like a fine idea,” she opined, “what do you think, Jay, would you like to get your dick sucked!?!” His head was now spinning like a top as these two perverts discussed his organ and what to do with it, so in a very shaky voice he stammered, “D-don’t you dare touch me, I don’t want some dried up old hag sucking my cock!!!” “Such a naughty mouth,” she admonished him, “but of course you’re right, I wouldn’t dream of sucking your worthless piece of garbage pecker, but I think Stevie would be interested in the prospect, am I right Stevie, how does that sound!!! “That sounds wonderful, Mistress,” the forty something man answered with his head still bowed, “may I suck him now, please may I!?!”

The gravity of the situation was now just beginning to dawn on him!!! No one knew where he was, and worse yet, he was in the thrall of a woman who was about to use him in the most vile sexually abusive way he could think of, and if screaming would have done any good, he most certainly would have tried it!!! Stevie waited patiently for his Mistress to give him permission, and then with a mere nod of her head she unleashed her cocksucker slave upon his now very erect penis!!! “No, please no,” he offered weakly, “stop him, I’m not gay, don’t let him do this to me!!!” Linda merely laughed off his pleas and urged her little suckster to empty Jay’s load into his hot and eager mouth!!! This was unbelievable, here he was getting his cock sucked by a hot mouthed male who was better at his craft than any woman he had ever had in his short life!!! Closer and closer his climax inched, until finally he closed his eyes and just gave into his passion!!! His nut sack tightened in a precursor to his cum, but just as he was ready to blow, his nipples were seared by a burning sensation that caused him to bark in agony while his orgasm was temporarily put on hold!!!

“Ohhhhhhh, god,” he gasped, “w-what have you done to me, oh it hurts so bad!!! He opened his eyes just in time to see Linda finish hooking a pair of sharp toothed alligator clips to his now bleeding nipples!!! “Y- you’re crazy,” he gasped as the pain and pleasure roiled together in a mishmash of agony and ecstasy, “ohhhhhhh fuck, I’m gonna cum, oh god, let me cum!!!” The burning in his nipples seemed to be sending supercharged shots of electricity straight into his straining pecker, and as Linda sat back down on a chair and spread her legs wide apart, affording him a clear view of her smoothly shaved pussy, well it was just to much for the confused young man as his penis erupted in shower of cum that threatened to drown his cocksucking lover in a gusher of hot burning jism!!!

After it was over he slumped helplessly forward, and if it weren’t for his restraints he would have come crashing to the floor!!! Stevie unhooked his shackles, and after half leading and dragging him over to her, he positioned the young man between Linda’s wide open thighs, whereupon she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his mouth directly to her steaming pussy!!! He was by now on automatic pilot, so when he felt Stevie mounting him from the rear, he not only offered no resistance, he actually pressed his ass backward in an open invitation for Stevie to take him in the ass!!! Within a matter of moments all three of them were rocketing towards orgasms as Jay’s hot mouth worked over Linda’s drooling pussy and Stevie’s big pecker rammed in and out of Jay’s virgin asshole with brutal ferocity!!! Linda, still with a modicum of control over her two big dicked slaves, exhorted them on as all three of them were rocked by orgasms that left them shaking like leaves in a hurricane as their spent organs throbbed from the mutually satisfying experience!!!

Later that evening, after giving him a hot shower, Linda sent him on his way, but Jay knew in his heart that nothing would ever be the same for him again, he had a new Mistress, and that’s all he needed to know!!!

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Hentai: (Chou Ore no Turn 2023) [Nitorochahan (Yoneyama Yoshio)] It’s already a mess (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s)

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