Perrito Kiryuuin@NAL – Kill La Kill

Everything else in the solar system would orbit around the two suns, but those two, they would just sort of dance around each other, each pulled by the others’ gravity. She needed you in her life, and living with you, looking at you, she would be eaten alive…

“I knew she wouldn’t be able to not tell you…

“I almost told you then myself, but I knew, I knew, if anyone but her told you, it would tear you apart.

Hentai: (C85) [UU-ZONE (nuezou)] Kiryuuin@NAL (Kill la Kill) [Chinese] [HazelF个人汉化]

Kiryuuin@NAL 1Kiryuuin@NAL 2Kiryuuin@NAL 3Kiryuuin@NAL 4Kiryuuin@NAL 5Kiryuuin@NAL 6Kiryuuin@NAL 7Kiryuuin@NAL 8Kiryuuin@NAL 9Kiryuuin@NAL 10Kiryuuin@NAL 11Kiryuuin@NAL 12Kiryuuin@NAL 13Kiryuuin@NAL 14Kiryuuin@NAL 15Kiryuuin@NAL 16Kiryuuin@NAL 17Kiryuuin@NAL 18Kiryuuin@NAL 19

(C85) [UU-ZONE (nuezou)]鬼龍@NAL(キルラキル) [中国翻訳]

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