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To my astonishment, I realized I was watching the headmaster’s home-made porn!

As the recorded image of my captor positioned himself at the entrance of a bleached-blonde nymph I did not recognize and began to push in, another screen came to life up and to my left. The leather on my ankles and wrists felt firm, yet soft, and I knew that if I tried to pull even harder, with all my strength, the force would spread evenly across the couple of inches of strap, and I would neither get free nor harm my soft, delicate teenage flesh.

Hentai: [Kikunosukemaru] Gap x Gap (COMIC Anthurium 2014-09) [English] [Danicco]

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[菊のすけまる]ギャップ×ギャップ(COMIC アンスリウム 2014年9月号) [英語]

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