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He wants as many people to enjoy play with you as possible. [Chacharan] "Kono Tabi Jeanne To Kekkon… She stood in front of the detective as he babbled and shouted, practically frothing at the mouth with rage.

Hentai: (Nichirin Kitan 26) [Yakionigiri (Taiga Tora)] Maicching Hibashira-sama! (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Maicching Hibashira-sama! 1Maicching Hibashira-sama! 2Maicching Hibashira-sama! 3Maicching Hibashira-sama! 4Maicching Hibashira-sama! 5Maicching Hibashira-sama! 6Maicching Hibashira-sama! 7Maicching Hibashira-sama! 8Maicching Hibashira-sama! 9Maicching Hibashira-sama! 10Maicching Hibashira-sama! 11Maicching Hibashira-sama! 12Maicching Hibashira-sama! 13Maicching Hibashira-sama! 14Maicching Hibashira-sama! 15Maicching Hibashira-sama! 16Maicching Hibashira-sama! 17Maicching Hibashira-sama! 18Maicching Hibashira-sama! 19Maicching Hibashira-sama! 20Maicching Hibashira-sama! 21Maicching Hibashira-sama! 22Maicching Hibashira-sama! 23Maicching Hibashira-sama! 24Maicching Hibashira-sama! 25Maicching Hibashira-sama! 26

(日輪鬼譚26) [焼おにぎり (大河とら)]まいっちんぐ日柱様っ!(鬼滅の刃)

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